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The Riysspa in kolkata, India is spread across more than 5500 sq. ft of comfortable space. Here is a Boutique Spa where the slight tones and textures embrace you and the warmth of the decoration sets the mood for your journey towards physical and spiritual well being.

Borrowing its name from the traditional Thai greeting, this magical escape will improve your well-being to a complete new level.

A soft, serene mood set in from the instant you step in and are welcome by a enjoyable staff that will be pleased to assist you make a selection. You can indulge in incredible treatments that will not only smell heavenly but will also work on those trouble spots that were killing the delight in you! Tranquil corridors lead to 7 private spa suites, of which 2 are specially designed for couples, replete with a private Jacuzzi.

Feel wonderfully indulged in the gentle hands of a soft-spoken Thai spa therapist, with massages and herbal beauty therapies that have genuine healing properties!!!

Step off from the busy, disagreeable each day and handle yourself with treatments in Riyaspa, the top urban spa in capital of India, our facility boasts a mixture of Asian traditions and European therapies. Additionally to options like high-quality beds, town showers and bath tubs, guests will enjoy a spa and a massage salon.

Take a break from your routine and relax in an air of peace and tranquility at our luxury Riyaspa. Indulge your senses with exotic Thai massages to create a rejuvenate experience. Riyaspa offers an ambiance that’s truly world class!

Inside the spa, all you can hear is the sound of tinkle water and soothing music. Well trained therapist work their Thai magic on your body making you sink into your cozy chair. Fruits served after your therapy, tickle your taste bud and will make you say ‘Once is just not enough!’

Riyaspa is a luxurious day spa provided that Spa in kolkata Ncr. We are a top wellness spa offer Thai and International therapies. The services include body massages, body scrubs, foot & face therapies.

Discover a New, full of life You!
If you are looking for absolute revitalization of your brain, body and soul, then Riyaspa should be your destination. Riyaspa has become identical with authentic Spa services, which has been ranked among the top five spa genres in the India. Thai Spa enjoys this elevated status because it features herbal / holistic practices that have been fine-tuned to excellence with healing techniques and folk wisdom garnered over the last 2000 years and more.

Nowadays world, where mind stress and health issues combine to make our lives an unpleasant journey, Thai Spa has gain worldwide reputation as a superb concept to help us relax, rekindle our potent energies, and also feel joyful.

Riyaspa offer you relaxing spa therapies with all its authenticity, intricacies and wisdom. Whether it is the world famous,reflexology, body treatments, body wraps, age-old Thai massages or traditional therapies,scrubs, we have a full package especially designed for your revitalizing needs.

Not only our products and services, but also the ambience and impression of our place have been particularly planned and developed to help you relax the moment you step in. To top it all, Lipa in kolkata, India you will be served by our well-qualified therapists to give you a memorable spa experience.

So, welcome to Riyaspa, the ideal place for peeling layers of daily stress off your body and mind; and discovering a new, energetic You.

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